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Meditation: We offer various styles, classes, seminars and workshops. You may try them and see which you like the best we should have a style that works best for you.

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For your Meditation Classes

3 Hour Seminar Saturday March 8th $30
6:00pm to 9:00pm

New Sessions Starting:
Fridays February 21st $20 
7:00pm to 8:00pm

All Sessions are by Appointment.                                         Call to reserve your spot 860-593-1914


Level One $29.95

Level Two $49.95

Level Three "Best Value" $75.00

Includes "DVD Soundtrack"

Learn to Meditate for a Better You in One Class 
Explore the Power of How Mediation
Will Help Your Life, Feel Better with just One Class

Meditation Level One

               --- Life Enhancing Introduction--- 

You just might discover you LOVE this, -- A fast easy to Apply, Easy to Learn Mediation Class with practical practice sessions, digital presentation, guidance and instruction, that will have you enjoying the beginning transformation of yourself into a better you from your very first class.

You can join on for a single class or get "The Best Value Packed Package", giving you more benefits and get all three classes of this mini-course featuring three styles of Meditation as well as a guided Meditation DVD Soundtrack.

Learn Moving Meditation in the first class, you will love this form that has ancient origins practiced in the beautiful mist shrouded mountains of China for 4,000 years. This Practice dates back to the Monks at the famous Shaolin Temple, home of all Martial Arts and Buddist Practices. This form is still practiced today by the Monks. The environment and teaching style is both Relaxing and Fun. Chi Kung Green Dragon Moving Meditation promotes you having better health as well as more energy and an Enhanced State of Mind. This Gives you the ability to better handle Life's Ups and Downs, it also Assists You to Release and Counter Balance Stress!


You will find it easy to follow while picking up the best way to move and use your breath effectively. (This is not some fluffy strange yoga chants to a goddess that has snakes in her hair, leaving you wondering what this is doing.              (Our Teaching's have Jesus Christ's Presence as a base, no other.) 

You will enjoy how down to Earth, focused as well as highly effective class is, geared toward you receiving the maximum benefits for your time and effort. You are gonna Love how this makes you feel. 

This class is designed to give you a broad, in depth understanding of Meditation and leave you with a profound transformation of improvement for your life. People will like being around you more, with your improved personality! (Makes for a happier family)


Meditation Level Two
- Your Power and Rejuvenation by Proper use of Visualization, Body & Breath

Make More Progress with a follow up class, -- You will review, refresh and enhance your Meditation in the second of the three classes. Learning more about focusing on rejuvenation, gaining energy as well as a sense of improved well being through learning what your breath can truly become and Doing It!

How you use and develop your breath will be covered. This class leaves practitioners fascinated. No Joke or Hype. You'll feel It!  Practical applications of using a new found level of breathing power, coupled with amazing visualizations, will have you falling in Love with your new ability.

 The more you put in and give to meditating the more you will receive. If you have been inquisitive about the power of how mediation can benefit you and how doing it will leave you feeling, This  Class is Sure to Inspire You! 


Meditation Level Three - 

 -The Stress Free Mind - Clear& Calm Mindfulness -        

   -Golden Chi Ball - Instant Peace - The New You-

.......Putting it all together

This is the best for you, -- Now at this point you have had a chance to of learned three Major Ways to Meditate with Specific Forms, Concepts, Moves, Breathing Techniques, Patterns, Mindfulness, Amazingly Powerful Visualizations, as well as experiencing the Power, Tranquility, Peacefulness, Clearer Thought, Calmer Mind, Relaxed muscles, Peace of Mind and  a few more of the secrets you now know how to use.

Plus, We will be Putting it All Together with the New Knowledge you acquire in the third class and experiencing the New You! 

This is always everyone's favorite class!!

You have New Skills, A Better Outlook, Better Attitude and are Better off, Because You have been MEDITATING!!! 

Now just Stay Inspired and Enlightened!!!!!!! It is truly The New You!


100% Money Back
 - If you think was class not worth your time and money you will get 100% of your money back. Provided you took the whole class and tried, if you are then not satisfied with your experience, I will give you a complete 100% refund!

That is our guarantee to you, -- You and your satisfaction are Important to me. I realize you may have some doubts if Meditation is truly worthwhile and does it work. 

I Love how Meditation has helped me in all areas of my life and the many gratifying reports I have received, from many people I have taught my highly refined, easy to learn, methods to over the years.

BUT. You for whatever reason might have a different opinion.

So here is my "No Risk" to you promise, if you are dissatisfied for whatever reason,

you get ALL your Money Back, no problem. 

I would just like to know what you were disappointed in. 

I have NEVER have had to issue a refund yet, but who knows there is a first for everything. Sometimes Meditation just is not compatible with everyone.

We are Dedicated to Your Success

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