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I had the Most Fun, It wasn't even like my boring Gym, this is by far the best workout I've ever had!
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Kickboxing of Farmington
Featuring Kickboxing, Gentle Tiger Yoga,
Karate, Meditation & Defensive Tactics
for Women of all Ages, Shapes & Sizes!

Better Happier Lifestyles Start Here.
Are you Looking for Awesome Fat Melting
Stress Busting, Tummy Flattening, Arm
Toning, Butt Tightening, Kick Butt
Classes for Women? You Got Them Here!

Call 860-593-1914

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Voted as the area's  #1
Best Kickboxing!!

 We offer Result Getting,
FUN Kickboxing with the results you want to area
 Towns, Avon, Farmington, Bristol,
Unionville, Burlington,
 Plainville, West Hartford, Simsbury.

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  When you want the best experience
 of Kickboxing in a fun
Fat Burning,
Toning Cardio designed class.

We are not like the run
of the mill class
 you will find at a boring gym
 or big chain. 

                                                Try a Fun Supercharged Fat Shredding,
                                                                 Motivating Class.
                                                   Feel Comfortable and at ease with our
                                               caring staff of World Class instructors and
                                                enjoy a Motivating, Fun experience with
                                                            a Real Kickboxer that will 
                                                   have you kicking like a pro in no time.
                                            You'll be Shaping and Toning in record Time.
                                                          You will love your better body,
                                                     slimmer, sexier, shapely and Toned.
                              Your clothes feel and fit better, even your smile will improve.
              We will get you to fall in love with how you look and feel in your best outfits again!

A Tight Tummy, Toned Arms and a Firm Butt
is what I got with Kickboxing,
America's Hottest Exercise
and you can Too!  .. Alexis

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8 Supercharged Classes Includes a
Free $35 Pair of Real Boxing Gloves
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Motivating teaching style!!

That Means Eight Extra Great Sessions
 with Personal Training, trying your best,
 having a Great Time,
that will Motivate you More than Ever Before,
to be Successful for One Full Hour!!
From the Former World Champion!!!

Many Women say they Love the Positive Encouragement!
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We Specialize helping people 
that have had a hard time
staying Motivated:)

I have shaped and Toned Faster with Kickbox
than I ever did at the boring gym!

I got such great results, I got rid of my overpriced trainer!
I receive Great Compliments all the time now and
I am always looking forward to my Kickbox Workout
because  classes and Great Workout.
I used to Dread the Boring Over-Crowded Days at my Old Gym.
If I can be a success and have this Exercise, Weight Loss
Program work this good for me, I know it will work for
everybody else. It Rocks!

Thanks to you Kickboxing of!

Get Your Body Ready For the Beach
 with AUUSOMA THAI Kickboxing!
Fast, fun and best of all you will love the results!

I was Always shy and feeling awkward
about my body at the Beach.

Until this year that is,

Now I have my NEW Body and

New Swimsuit ready to go!
Kickboxing gave me the body I always wanted!
Join the most Amazing Fun, Fat Melting,
                     Workout Class you have ever had! 

            This will be the Last exercise Program
                              you will ever need!

 Who Else Wants a Lean Sexy Body,
Tight Tummy and Smaller
more Shapely Butt?
I am much happier in my life                                  
because of  the Kickboxing Farmington Program

Feeling Great,  thankful  and  grateful
that  Kickboxing has gotten  me slimmed down.

Being a healthier woman with all the confidence
in the world helps me at work and home.

I always look forward to my Kickbox Workouts,
my friends always compliment me on

the difference they see in me. 

i lost 92 Pounds.
Thanks Kevin! Lori S.
"I Love how Kickboxing
 has kept my Body Hot Looking, THANKS!"

Staying fit has always been important
and I have always
been in pretty good shape,
 hard to find the right workout
it's always been a little stressful.

I got so tired of Zumba, Spinning, the Boring Gym
they all got me tired and exhausted.

I felt like just putting off exercise and letting my body go.

I kept thinking, I needed
something fresh and fun that wouldn't leave me walking
around completely worn out.

My friend had just started this kickboxing class and
would not stop talking about it, she loved it.

She joined the six class web-special they offered and loved it.
I thought about it and tried the starter special too, Wow!

 I knew right away after one class,
 I need to do this and forget the other workouts.

Wow Again, I feel better than ever,
got more energy, a better feeling about myself

and my attitude plus I'm having so much Fun I am Loving it! 

Kickboxing has helped me so much it is Amazing and
 I have five of my girlfriends training with me.


I lost 27 Pounds in 9 weeks
with Kickboxing then 

another 16 pounds for a
 total of 43 Pounds I Lost!!


30 Money Back Guarantee for you first 30 days of 

Kickboxing. That Simple.

Get started now and register at the top of the page to get in class!
You will be glad you did!

Get looking Great and Feeling Great!
Call or Sign Up Now!
Here is More of what you get:
• Eight High Energy Classes with Fun Atmosphere

• Pair of Real Boxing Gloves FREE

• Great Class Times & Workouts & Helpful Instruction

• Lean Muscle Toning Workout, that works Fast

• Fat-Reducing Food Chart

• Great Results & More Great Results & Goals Achieved

Here is what you do not Get:
• No High Pressure Sneaky Sleazy Sales Tactic
• Sale Pitch
• No Pushy Arrogant or Stuck up Staff
• Phony Baloney "Instructor" out of shape Aerobic Poser
• Big Ego Muscle Head or Diva with Bad Service
• No Prima Donna Cliques or Staff
• Overcrowded Facility & Rude People
• Wimpy -Fluffy - Wanne-Be Classes
  Real Classes with Real Results!
Get going and Get Started,
Get is shape while  having
your Confidence and Body Improved!

Kickboxing is among the best decisions
I have ever made and
Finally I can wear a hot Bikini,
after having kids my body went to H---L,

Now, I finally got my Body back and I am Loving it!

If you Live in Avon, Farmington,
Harwinton, Unionville,
Burlington, New Hartford,
Plainville, West Harford,
New Britain, Terryville,
or Simsbury then
you definitely live close enough to start classes with us.

We are about 15 minutes from anywhere.
If you have been looking to take
your fitness to a better level,
something better than spinning,
weights, aerobics,
women's fitness classes then look
no farther you have
found the Best Hottest Exercise on the Planet!

Bring a few friends with you
and get an Extra Discount,
plus More Fun with your Girls!

Sign up on the WEB-SPECIAL you choose
with the PAYPAL Button at top of page.
Remember we give you a
 Money Back 30 day Guarantee. 

I Lost 65 Pounds, it was Amazing!
It was fun and Easy!

My Skinny Jeans are just a month Away!

I tried all kinds of diets
Gym, Dvd's, Boring Trainers,
Even Good trainers
and nothing worked!

Like Kickboxing works with!

I wish I had known about this years ago!

I finally got to in a canoe 
with my 3 year old daughter after a year of classes!

I was crying,
My Little girl and I had never
been in a Canoe and was
so fat my daughter was missing out
on doing all these wonderful things with me.

So after only one year of training and
this incredible transformation all I can say is

Here's some of what you get:

• Fat Melting, Flab Shredding,
• Muscle Sculpting,
• Lean Long Toned Muscles,
• Tight Butt, Flatter Abs,
• More Energy, 
• Better Physical Condition.
• Better Mental Attitude and Focus,
• Healthier Philosophy, Fun Workouts!

Kickboxing of Farmington offers the Greatest Exercise
you will ever love, to area residents
of Avon, Burlington, Bristol, Unionville.

Cardio Kickboxing is a proven Fat Burning
Cardio Exercise that works,
burning up to eight hundred calories an hour.

Call 860-593-1914 for Information
and to try a class
and see if it is for you!
We are Located at:
 1051 Farmington Avenue Farmington CT
 in the Beautiful
North Meadows Complex
Across from
Tunxis Plantation Golf Course and Driving Range
Farmington Miniature Gold and Ice Cream

                           Video Testimonials  
                 Hear it for yourself from the Ladies!

                  Never Again Be Ashamed
                    of how you Look!!!
        We will get you Looking Great and Feeling Great!
         Just take the One Step to Get started and try us
                  Use the PayPal Button and
get off your Couch and into feeling better!

We are proud of our reputation for having the
area's best Kickboxing Programs,
 that delivers to you an amazing weight loss program that beats the old la weight
loss program and we give you the weight loss help
you have been searching for.

Kickboxing is proven to give fast results
for weight loss help,
your awesome kickboxing class
is a healthy weight loss program,
that gives quick weight loss and the physical,
mental and philosophical benefits
found only with a
World Champion  Cardio Kickboxing Program
with Personal Training Included.

Some students train with us due
to the need for medical weight loss
or are in search of either a
quick weight loss program or
a healthy weight loss program,
no worries we give you both!

Say goodbye to the old weight loss programs
that did not deliver
and lace up for the Hottest,Best and
Most Fun Workout on the Planet!

You'll burn tons of calories
many more than with jogging,
the boring old gyms
or weight loss gimmicky diets.

You need to follow a strong healthy
nutrition plan that gives your body
all fuel it needs to get through a day!

You  will love how much energy you will gain with our Kickboxing Classes
all at convenient times for your to choose from.

Our caring professional Kickboxing staff is motivating
and knowledgeable to help you succeed
in how to get to your goals.

The first step you need to take is you register
for your first Kickboxing class and that's it.

We Will help you make it through the rest
just get here and train With Us!

You will learn all the BEST Kickboxing moves
of American Boxing, Kickboxing, JuJitsu, Karate,
Japanese Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Arts,
Tae Kwon Do, Kung-fu, Aikido,
real Self-Defense and lots more Confidence!

Register now with the Paypal Buttons 
isn't it time to
take charge
your Body and Your Life?

"30 day Money Back Guarantee"

Serving the Towns and cities of Avon for Kickboxing, Karate, Self-Defense,
West Hartford for tae Kwon Do, Avon
Martial Arts,Bristol Kids Karate,
 Bristol Ct for Martial Arts and Mixed Martial arts for Children,

Mixed martial Arts like you see in the ufc,
as well as an integration of Kung Fu and grappling,
 this mixed martial arts blend leads to , weight loss for women and kids.
 karate for kids is great for character building a weight control
as well as fast weight lose, helping to fight obesity.

All classes are taught with safety in mind and a positive environment
for children and adults with
 martial arts and mixed martial arts like kickboxing and
 are all effective fo all sorts of diffenent reasons.

We have students take classes in kickboxing and
 karate for self improvement
 from New hartford, Harwinton, Litchfield, Torrington, New Britain,
Northfield, Windsor, Granby, West Simsbury, Simsbury,  Manchester, Wolcott,  
Terryville, Farmington, Unionville,.

 Women love this kickboxing school
because of the amazing results and
the way it makes them proud as well as empowered.

 Study Karate, Kickboxing, self defense,
tae kwon do kicks,
 American karate self defense for all levels
 greatly enhances your physical fitness  and attitude.

Whether you are here to lose weight, help  a child with karate
 or just stay fit,
our karate  and kickboxing programs get the job done
 while having Fun and making good quality friends.

We are never surprised that people will drive far distances
because our systematic positive teaching style is totally enjoyable
 and effective for self-improvement.

 People looking for Burlington karate, farmington karate
or kids martial arts are pleasantly surprise to find high quality a short drive for them.
The kids love our martial arts and we offer karate kids love.

Moms and women love the professional kickboxing offered within our kickboxing school.

 We have helped our karate, kickboxing
and martial students excel at life for more that 30 years of teaching.

so if you are searching for the best martial arts,
 best karate classes or the best kickboxing classes or
check out our web specials and give it a try.


It's Been Great for My Son and ME!
I met with the owner roughly 6 months ago, I answered an ad that offered karate for my son. The first meeting with the owner he spent 3 hours  welcoming both of us to his programs! I joined that night and couldn't wait for my son to start karate and to give his awesome kickboxing a try. Now 50 lbs later my life is completely changed and I am a new person. My son loves karate and the sparring classes as his teacher keeps a positive atmosphere and is always encouraging the kids to stay positive, focused and to always do the best they can.
Kickboxing offers the same environment,  has motivated and supported me and the many other amazing people I have met every step of the way! Bringing my son was the best decision I have ever made for the both of us!! His programs are unbeatable and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a change!!
Thanks to and the owner our lives will forever remain changed!! 

Stacey Beaulieu
Unionville CT

Enjoy watching what you will be able to move like with Focus, Speed, Balance, Agility, Power  and Awesome Fitness showing your Confidence!!

Seeing is Believing
You See How Excited the Kickboxers Are.
You can Feel Excited and Great Also.

You will NEVER get the same results on your
Treadmill, or Boring Gym, or Overpriced Trainer!

 You can get the Results you Deserve while
Having Fun with Friends and
Making new Kickboxing Friends!!

Join today use the paypal button then call to 
get started with Personal Training.

Our place is Different Because it is:
Fun and it Works!!!!

If you are still unsure about making the Best Fitness, Fat Burning, Muscle Toning, Bag Pounding, Body Shaping, Life Enhancing, Energy Boosting, Bully & Stress Beatdown Classes of your Life then check out our other site:

Please Remember to always mention the class to a few Good Friends and not leave them out!

You will have a more fun, better class, when you Workout and melt that fat away with your girlfriends!

Studies show that women who train with partners have better rates of sticking with their program while enjoying a higher level of success.

When you bring a friend they choose to enroll on the regular program you get a FREE Month added to your Regular course plus pair of Protective Hand Wraps. Could you benefit from and enjoy a
FREE MONTH of awesome fun Kickboxing? Yes.
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